Dungeness Crab


Dungeness Crab enjoys a connoisseur's reputation, and is well known for its quality. It is treasured for its beautiful orange shell color, distinctive sweet flavor and tender flaky white meat.

Product Forms:
Whole Clusters, cooked and frozen
Ocean run size
Packaging: 1 x 25 lbs.

Whole Crab, cooked and frozen
1.5 - 1.75 lbs., 1.75 lbs. up, 2 lbs. up
Packaging: 1 x 30 lbs.

Species: Dungeness Crab (Cancer magister)

Harvest: Wild

Country of Origin: USA and Canada

The Dungeness Crab fishery continues to thrive; in most areas there is no government established seasonal quota on Dungeness crab. However, to support sustainability efforts, Seattle Shrimp & Seafood strictly follows seasonal permitting systems, pot limits, and time and area closures.


Dungeness pile