Snow Crab


Snow Crab is recognized as one of today's best shellfish values, thanks to its delicious flavor, stunning appearance and ease of preparation.  Our ready-to-eat Snow Crab meat can be served cold in cocktails, salads and sandwiches, or heated in thermidor, Newburg, casseroles and soups.

Product Forms:
IQF Whole Clusters, cooked and frozen
4 oz. up, 5-8 oz., 8-10 oz., 10-12 oz., 12 oz. up
Packaging: 1 x 30 lbs., 1 x 40 lbs.

Combo Meat, cooked and frozen
Target ratio: 70% salad meat; 30% leg/red meat
2.5 lb. frozen net weight per block; 2 blocks per 
5 lb. inner carton
Packaging: 6 x 5 lbs. (30 lbs. net.)


Species: Snow Crab (Chionoecetes opilio)

Harvest: Wild

Country of Origin: USA and Russia

To support sustainability efforts, Seattle Shrimp & Seafood strictly follows seasonal Snow Crab fishery quotas as established by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

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