Tilapia Fillets


With its mild flavor, light texture and versatility, Tilapia has gained worldwide popularity. It's a high protein, low carbohydrate white fish with a moderately firm texture. Tilapia lends itself to a variety of cooking techniques and endless seasoning options. Fillets provide a lean, easily digested protein with few calories and very little fat.

Farmed largely in China, Tilapia is a prolific and strong fish, prized by producers for the ease and economy with which it can be farmed. Because Tilapia is a fast-growing fish that eats a diet of vegetables and cereal grains, it can be raised at lower costs. Its popularity stems largely from its affordable price, which is driven by Tilapia's ability to grow quickly into marketable fish.


Product Forms:
Boneless, skinless fillets
IVP & IQF available
Packaging: 1 x 10 lbs.
100% net weights
Chemical free option

Species: Tilapia (Oreochromis)

Harvest: Farmed

Country of Origin: China

Ocean Gift Swai Fillets Packaging

    5/7 oz. fillets
    Packaging: 2 lb. (32 oz. bags)


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10Lb oceangif Tilapia Box