Global Sourcing

Global Manpower


Successfully fulfilling ongoing, large volume shrimp, finfish and shellfish contracts requires a dependable global operation. By leveraging Hanwa’s extensive, well-established sourcing network, Seattle Shrimp & Seafood has more onsite buyers and inspectors in every major production region than any of our competitors. But beyond sheer numbers, Hanwa empowers each staff member to make quick decisions to buy at the catch site based on their knowledge of the market. This streamlined approach, combined with Hanwa’s massive trading volume, allows Seattle Shrimp & Seafood to consistently offer the highest quality product at the best value.


Primary Producers
Seattle Shrimp & Seafood imports millions of pounds of White Vannamei and Black Tiger shrimp annually from around the globe. We have multiple offices strategically positioned in our top producing countries: Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, with additional offices in China, India, and Malaysia. Seattle Shrimp & Seafood also has well-established relationships with independent buying agents who source White Vannamei and Black Tiger shrimp in Bangladesh and The Philippines, and Wild White and Wild Brown shrimp in the US Gulf, Mexico, Ecuador and Peru.


All of our King, Dungeness, and Snow Crab is sourced from North America, Canada, and Russia. Our Scallops come from North America and Japan. We handle Cold Water Lobsters sourced from Maine and Canada, Warm Water Lobster from Bahamas, Brazil and Nicaragua.


In addition to shrimp and crab, Seattle Shrimp & Seafood is also an established direct importer of Swai and Tuna from Southeast Asia, as well as Atlantic salmon from Chile.

Office staff in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

INDO staff1.jpg

Office staff in Jakarta, Indonesia

THAI staff1.JPG

Office staff in Bangkok, Thailand