Supply Chain Management

Product When and Where You Need It


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Seattle Shrimp & Seafood product is intensely managed from growing and harvest cycles all the way to our customer's receiving docks. Our extensive global sourcing network allows us to continuously grow product throughout our supply chain. And the financial strength of our parent company allows Seattle Shrimp & Seafood to consistently carry significant inventory, assuring you year-round best pricing and no stock shortages.


Our warehousing partners, utilize state-of-the-art, full service temperature controlled warehouses, national volume discounts, and online, real-time inventory and order access. With facilities strategically positioned throughout the US, and warehouses in China and Vietnam, Seattle Shrimp & Seafood provides you quality, cost-effective storage solutions that streamline the movement of our products through the supply chain.


And to complete the process, our dedicated Team will work with you to develop proactive shipping strategies with cost effective truck freight consolidation plans. Transportation and delivery solutions are customized to meet your specific logistical needs; we can manage the entire process or coordinate with your preferred transportation vendors.