Santolla Crab


Santolla Crab

Santolla Red Crab is known for its delicate flavor and rich meat texture. The Southern Hemisphere's low-cost equivalent to the Alaskan King Crab, Santolla Red Crab also boasts a snowy white meat with a beautiful scarlet red membrane. This wild-caught, all-natural product is harvested, cooked and frozen at sea in Argentina.

A thriving fishery that continues to grow, Santolla Red Crab is fully traceable and easy to import into the US. Active and ongoing management ensures that only officially licensed boats with permits can harvest.

Leg & Claw Pack - IQF legs and claws are full of meat, providing an excellent yield. Pack is similar to standard King Crab leg and claw specifications (see product forms below).

Product Santolla Crab (Lithodes santolla) aka Southern King Crab
Product Forms Legs & Claws, Clusters
Country of Origin Argentina
Seasonality October-January (other seasonal production varies by catch area)
Harvest Method Wild Caught, Pot Caught
Sizes 250g - 450g Clusters
Form and Style Cooked Legs & Claws, Clusters, Frozen at Sea
Pack Soldier packed, master case varies (1/10 lb., 1/20 lb.)
Shelf Life 24 months at or below 0℉ (-18℃)
Nutrition Facts for Santolla Crab

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