Managed Inventory

Consistent Inventory Management


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Seattle Shrimp & Seafood consistently fulfills ongoing large-volume commitments at significant savings over market averages. That’s why our customers include some of largest grocery and restaurant chains, club warehouse outlets, and distributors in the United States. Our global sourcing network and the financial strength of our parent company allows Seattle Shrimp & Seafood to practice peak production volume purchasing and carry significant inventory. This “buy and hold” strategy allows us to offer a continuity of supply at a great value.


Whatever your seafood product needs, we will go the extra mile to meet your requirements. For private labels, our reputation for quality control, dependability, and integrity can give you the confidence you need to entrust Seattle Shrimp & Seafood with fulfilling your specifications. Andif you have special requests, or are looking to create a new niche market for your business, we can leverage our buying network and production facilities to cost effectively support that effort, including organic and natural product.