A Foundation of Corporate Strength


Seattle Shrimp & Seafood is built upon the well-established strength of two industry-leading seafood sourcing and production companies: Hanwa of Japan and E&E Foods of Seattle, Washington. Combining their resources and experience, these two companies created Seattle Shrimp & Seafood as a joint venture in 2006. In July 2016 Hanwa America acquired E&E Food’s interest in Seattle Shrimp & Seafood Company making us a fully owned subsidiary of the Hanwa Group.



Listed on the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges, Hanwa is an $18 billion company with multiple divisions, including steel, petroleum, chemicals, lumber, machinery and food. Founded in Japan in 1947, Hanwa has 8 domestic offices and 33 overseas facilities. The Hanwa seafood division holds the top trading share in the industry with a broad range of products including shrimp, crab, lobster, mackerel, and capelin. Large trading volume is an indication of Hanwa’s competitiveness in the seafood market. Their success comes from their emphasis on every staff member being an independent owner who must make quick decisions to buy at the catch site and sell based on their knowledge of the market. This simple approach has proven keenly effective in the short-cycle food import business.